Recently when I went in for an evaluation to get on Testosterone Replacement Therapy, I had a whole blood profile done to check everything. Along with the obvious low-T, I also had low Vitamin D levels, higher cholesterol and blood pressure than I should. The vitamin D was an easy fix, just supplement with a decent product, but the BP and the Cholesterol are a little different…. or so I thought.

I’m a pretty healthy person, I lift heavy weights 3x a week, drink protein shakes, take a handful of supplements every morning, etc. etc. However, even though I look healthy, having high blood pressure scared the hell out of me. I’ve always heard taller people (I’m 6’4″) have more stress on their circulatory system than the vertically challenged, but in reality, I believe it has more to do with your diet, since I exercise more than the average person. So I looked into heart-healthy herbs and supplements and what works in the real world.

After reading Metabolic Cardiology by Dr. Sinatra, I found all kinds of recommendations for supplements and diets to help with overall cardiovascular health.  I zeroed in on 2 herbal supplements that work for quickly lowering blood pressure, and with continued use… can keep it low.

Hawthorne Berry Extract & Garlic Extract.

I’ve always known garlic and garlic supplement was good for you and helped with heart health.  I would just take them haphazardly every once in awhile.  I also had read about Hawthorne and knew it was pixie-dusted into cardiovascular support herbal products.  This is the key, everyone puts small amounts into blends to:

1) keep the bottle cost low for more profit margin

2) to be able to make label claims for that specific ingredient

This is normal in the health industry as many companies pixie-dust in their secret formulas.  I like to get individual ingredients myself at higher doses and just stack them for a better effect.  I purchased both on Amazon and started taking them.  The first time I took the Hawthorne alone,  it dropped my blood pressure within 30 mins drastically.  This was weeks ago, and I did not write down the exact numbers, but I took my reading a half-hour later and saw it go down.  I periodically check it trying to get it under 120/xx – and have been spacing out either Hawthorne in the morning and garlic at night.  Or both morning and before bedtime.   The supplements are relatively cheap and should be used as a basic health supplement for anyone concerned about their blood pressure, or just as a preventive measure since heart attack is one of the leading causes of death in our country.

Here is information on both directly from Dr. Sinatra:

Garlic is an excellent natural blood pressure reducer. It is so effective as a blood thinner that I instruct some patients to lay off garlic if they are on a pharmaceutical blood thinner like Coumadin. As for its effect on blood pressure, a recent Australian review of 11 studies in which patients with high blood pressure were randomly given garlic or a placebo found that garlic can reduce blood pressure as effectively as some drugs.

Since you need to eat about four cloves of garlic (about four grams) daily to achieve a noticeable blood pressure–lowering effect, a garlic supplement is a great natural way to lower blood pressure. I like enteric-coated softgel garlic capsules (softgels are better absorbed in the body). Take 500–1,000 mg daily in divided doses.

Hawthorn, like garlic, is a natural blood pressure reducer.

Although hawthorn has been used medicinally for centuries, in the last 100 years it has become increasingly popular for cardiovascular health, including to reduce blood pressure. Hawthorn acts in a fashion similar to a commonly prescribed class of high blood pressure medicines called ACE inhibitors, especially when combined with a garlic supplement. Specifically, the combination of hawthorn and garlic inhibits angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE), minimizing the production of angiotensin II, a powerful blood vessel constrictor responsible for increasing blood pressure. I recommend 1,000–1,500 mg daily of hawthorn taken in divided doses.

This is an easy Health-Hack for everyone and should be followed immediately.  Order yours below from Amazon, and have them in a few days.  Otherwise you may go weeks before remembering to get yourself some.

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